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Healthy Eating...

I eat terribly ALL THE TIME. I get up in the morning and eat chocolate and then at about 11 I have some cheese and some more chocolate and probably 3 slices of white bread with enough Lurpack on them to leave teeth-marks and then at lunchtime I put some cheese on some pasta and eat all of it and then I have some more at about 4 and then for dinner I eat A LOT and then at about 10 I eat some more of what was for dinner and by the way I drink 3 cups of sugary tea a day. Sometimes I go "I should eat properly!" and I have a great soup that I make that is actually totally nice and doesn't taste like you're eating all the most boring foods you've ever heard of. It's also cheap AF to make. You will need:

A broccoli head

Brussels sprouts

Tin of tomatoes

2 cubes of chicken stock

1/2 cup of red lentils

Get a big pan and half fill it with water and boil your lentils, stock cubes, chopped brocolli and sprouts for 15 minutes or so. Add the tinned tomatoes. Get a hand blender and blitz the lot. DONE. Add a bit of black pepper and you have a totally niiiiiiice soup that is filling, healthy and costs eff all. "Sounds disgusting!". Yeah well so do you. It isn't.

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