Sooz did her very first stand-up gig in 2009. She thought, "what have I got to lose?". It turned out doing stand-up means you lose an awful lot of money. Seriously, it's expensive doing comedy for free 4-5 times a week. Jesus.


In April 2010 she entered the Musical Comedy Awards and was named Best Newcomer. 2010 also marked her graduation from the Royal Academy of Music.


In 2012 Sooz won the Variety Award at the Funny Women Awards.


Sooz made her Edinburgh debut in August 2014 with Defying Gravity and 2015 saw Sooz's characters take to the fringe in Character Activist.


In 2016 Sooz decided to be certifiably insane and take not one but two new solo shows to the fringe - Queen and A Bit Of A Character.

2017 saw her fifth solo show, Sooz On Film, going to the fringe and it received rave reviews ("rave reviews" is a relative term).

Solo hour number six, Super Sonic 90s Kid, played to full houses at the 2018 fringe, was recommended by both British Comedy Guide and Comedy Central as one of the top 12 shows of the fringe and is in London at the end of September (see gigs page for details).

Sooz is going back to the Edinburgh fringe in 2019 with Mega Drive

Outside comedy Sooz performs in musical theatre, most recently as David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Theresa May in Jonny Woo's All-Star Brexit Cabaret, co-written with Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer the Opera) which practically sold out its entire run at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe and received excellent reviews from The Guardian, The Scotsman and more. It sold out its run at the Soho Theatre in June 2019.

In June 2019 a tweet thread about a singing contract in Ayia Napa years ago somehow went viral and was retweeted by celebrities including Caitlin Moran, Jay Rayner, James Corden and Ed Miliband. 

In 2022 she's increased her Twitter following to over 70k and gone viral with videos where Sooz as Liza Minnelli delivers Donald Trump speeches verbatim. These received press in The Guardian, The Independent and The Metro as well as in the LA Times and Chicago Tribune stateside.

About me


February 22nd 2022: When I got an email from the Royal Academy of Music saying I'd been honoured as an Associate of the academy and can now put ARAM after my name if I fancy a mad flex I assumed it was a mistake. But it's real! My time there was the best year of my life and I'm honoured to be....honoured. Here's the full list of 2022 ARAMs.

February 18th 2022: I'm doing a solo musical comedy cabaret with my very own band at Crazy Coqs on June 12th. A Night at the Soozicals is gonna be a flippin' blast, get your tickets here.

February 9th 2022: I've been contributing to BT Sports' The Football's On with some input from Liza Minnelli! Here's the first video and Liza will be on for the next six weeks.

February 6th 2022: I'm previewing my 2022 Edinburgh show, PlayStation, at the Leicester Comedy Festival on February 20th @ 2.50pm. Tickets available here

February 4th 2022: If you're on Audible a new comedy-drama I played the actual main guy in is out now! The Day the Earth Didn't Die is about...well...the world not ending. It's great and I do some ace swearing in it. If you're not on Audible you can join for a free trial and get it for free innit. 

February 3rd 2022: Recorded a pilot today for a new panel show with Dara O'Briain, Ria Lina and Kerry Godliman and fingers crossed it's gets picked up eyyyyyyy.

February 1st 2022: Eyyyyyyyy it's my Birthday, I'm 25, lolololol. I've released my first filmed special and I'm very excited that it's with Go Faster Stripe who distribute shows by some of my faaaaavourite comedians including Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Ruby Wax and Nick Helm. Super Sonic 90s Kid is only a fiver and you can buy it here.

December 7th 2021: WELL WELL WELL, look who hasn't been keeping the news section of her website updated (it's me, Sooz). NEWS! I've joined the writing staff for the Daily Mirror, the only paper my mum would have in the house when I was younger. My first article is on Reply Guys and you can read it here

April 14th 2021: Over a year in to lockdown my only news is I'm now represented by The Joneses for voiceover and can be heard playing the ship's computer, VAL, in Kosmokrats, a new game on Steam. You can also hear me on upcoming episodes of Numberblocks where I'm playing the three-times and ten-times tables.

September 1st 2019: It's 10 years since I started my course at the Royal Academy of Music and I wanted to mark the date because what a decade it's been!


August 26th 2019: I'm back from the Edinburgh Fringe, my seventh in a row! This was by far the best fringe I've ever had playing to packed houses most days with my solo show Mega Drive and getting awesome reviews. I was even nominated for Broadway World's Best Comedy Show Award. I was also in Nick Helm's I Think, You Stink which was one of the top 20 best reviewed shows at the fringe this year.

June 1st 2019: I've gone viral! In 2007 I spent 3 months in Ayia Napa as a Christina Aguilera tribute and I tweeted about it and for some reason it captured some prolific imaginations. It was shared by James Corden, Caitlin Moran and Prime Minister of Hearts, Ed Miliband. Here is the tweet thread

April 1st 2019: After a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and stellar performances at the Norwich Playhouse and the ENO Jonny Woo's All-Star Brexit Cabaret is hitting the main house at the Soho Theatre. The run is May 28th-June 8th and I play all the world leaders. Tickets can be booked here.

March 15th 2019: I've been recording a podcast with comedians Chris Stokes and Masud Milas called Mystery on the Rocks and we officially launch in a couple of weeks. We're produced by Studio 71 and have some brilliant guests coming up including Nick Helm, Nish Kumar and Laura Lexx. Check it out here.

March 1st 2019: Preview season has officially arrived. The previews for my 2019 solo show Mega Drive start this month and can all be found on my GIGS page.

February 5th: I've been very lucky and have been cast in a workshop of new musical Drink! at the Other Palace later this month.

February 1st 2019: I got a venue for my 2019 Edinburgh show! Watch this space...


December 5th 2018: I do a bit of voiceover now and this one was the most fun I've ever had - it's for Momentum and is an accurate depiction of Theresa May's handling of Brexit. #JC4PM


November 20th 2018: Jeepers Creepers, composer of both Jonny Woo's All-Star Brexit Cabaret and a little musical called Jerry Springer the Opera is debuting Wrong Songs For Christmas, a brand new song cycle, at The Print Room, an opera house in Notting Hill. And I'm friggin' singing it. December 15th, be there. Details on my GIGS page.

November 15th 2018: This is pretty ridiculous - Jonny Woo's All-Star Brexit Cabaret smashed Edinburgh and now we're doing it at the London Coliseum, home of the ENO! It's on December 17th, one night only and I play both David Cameron AND Theresa May. Details on my GIGS page.


October 30th 2018: I'm singing a fantastic Alexander Bermange song at the West End Wilma Awards on November 4th at the Arts Theatre right in the goddamn West End,

September 30th 2018: 10 years ago Nick Helm produced a horror-musical revue at the Edinburgh Fringe and it's back for 3 nights at the Pleasance Islington for Halloween. Very excited to be able to make use of how creepy I am. Details on my GIGS page.

September 25th 2018: Well how about that, I'm singing not one but TWO smashing duets with Christina Bianco at her incredible Life of the Party album launch. It's at The Other Palace on October 6th.

September 20th 2018: For the second year running I'm going to be part of Jonny Woo's Un-Royal Variety at the Hackney Empire. I've got a really wicked number to do from A Chorus Line with legendary dance sensation, Margo Marshall. Ticket info on my GIGS page.

September 14th 2018: Gonna be on the Reasons to be Cheerful podcast with Ed Milliband and Geoff Lloyd. They say never meet your heroes but I just did and it was brilliant. Got to tell Ed all about dressage, think I really made a difference to the nation. Anyway, the podcast's out on Monday so give it a listen.

September 6th 2018: I recorded a number for Nick Helm's new album. It finally allowed me to find a use for my "creepy child" voice. More to come on that...

August 31st 2018: That's Edinburgh done for another year! Best reception I've ever had for a show and even got enough shiny pennies to treat myself to a Pret wrap on the way home. Super Sonic 90s Kid was super well-attended and well-received and Jonny Woo's All-Star Brexit Cabaret played to full houses of 200 almost every day of the run. Also got to do a small bit every day in Luke McQueen's show which was always a blast. Having attended all his previous shows multiple times it's nice to know that eventually you can Stockholm Syndrome a comedian in to putting you in their show.