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Edinburgh 2018

Globe Bar

Niddry St

4th-26th August


Award-winning comic Sooz Kempner spent the 90s playing Sonic, going from a little kid to a fully-grown teen. But what the hell was the 90s all about? Did they map out the rest of Sooz's life? And will she coast through life or will she try to complete it with all the Chaos Emeralds? 

"fantastically funny" **** Chortle 
"an absolute joy" **** Fest 
"delightfully shambolic" **** Funny Women 
"very snazzy trainers" **** Reviews Hub


Top 12 Recommended Shows of 2018 - Comedy Central

"After last year's film-themed treat, Sooz Kempner takes us through another influential facet of her upbringing: video games. And so much more: there are Skyped-in characters and oddly compelling parking pictures, exasperating misspellings and at least one epic song. An under-sung talent in top form" - British Comedy Guide official recommendation 2018

"wonderful, nostalgic and hilarious" - West End Wilma *****

"completely of the most original voices in comedy" - Bunbury Magazine *****

"a warm and gently uplifting performance" - The Skinny

"gusty performance...she has chutzpah by the bucketload" - Fest


February 18th - The Criterion @ Leicester Comedy Fest 8.15pm

March 3rd - The Bill Murray, London 5pm

May 12th - Latest Music Bar @ Brighton Fringe 5.45pm

May 13th - Latest Music Bar @ Brighton Fringe 5.45pm

May 17th - The Birdcage, Norwich 8pm

May 31st - Camden Comedy Club 8pm

July 7th - Stanley Halls, Norwood 6.30pm

July 18th - Phoenix Artist Club, London 7pm

July 28th - Nell of Old Drury, Covent Garden 7.30pm

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