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The Attic @ The Mash House, Guthrie St

6th-30th August


(not 18th)

Following her (minor) hit debut show, Defying Gravity, Funny Women Variety Award Winner 2012 Sooz Kempner returns to the fringe with a brand new solo hour.


Character Activist features four women who all believe they are strong role models who can change the world. Michelle is an Essex princess, engaged to a Mid-Essex League footballer with aspirations of being either a popstar or an investigative journalist. Phalydia is a trust-fund posh party girl and fashion vlogger. Danielle is Britain's number 4 heptathlete. Nancy is the West End's oldest and most revered diva. 


Meet the new face(s) of feminism...



"Kempner's incredibly infectious smile holds the attention for an hour without any lull building up to a stunning finale...This is a woman who belongs on a stage" - Chortle


Praise for Character Activist





23rd January - Leicester Square Theatre (London) 7pm

16th May - The Warren (Brighton) 2pm

17th May - The Warren (Brighton) 2pm

25th May - The Warren (Brighton) 4.30pm

11th July - What The Frock (Bristol) 7pm

18th July - Comedy Cow (Milton Keynes) 7pm

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