Sooz Kempner




"people can't get enough" - The Independent January 2021

Curse of the Twitter Reply Guys - The Daily Mirror, November 2021

"gets me laughing every week" - The Guardian April 2021


"It shouldn’t work but it really, really does." - The Independent January 2021


"brilliant" - LA Times October 2020

For Mega Drive...

Broadway World Best Comedy Show Edinburgh 2019 nominee

"incredible energy and quirky humour" - Broadway Baby ****

"one of the best atmospheres I've experienced at an Edinburgh show" - Broadway World ****

"With high energy and good vibes this simply hilarious show is perfect" - West End Wilma *****

For Super Sonic 90s Kid...

Top 12 Recommended Shows of 2018 - Comedy Central

"After last year's film-themed treat, Sooz Kempner takes us through another influential facet of her upbringing: video games. And so much more: there are Skyped-in characters and oddly compelling parking pictures, exasperating misspellings and at least one epic song. An under-sung talent in top form" - British Comedy Guide (official recommendation 2018)

"wonderful, nostalgic and hilarious" - West End Wilma *****

"completely of the most original voices in comedy" - Bunbury Magazine *****

"a warm and gently uplifting performance" - The Skinny

"gusty performance...she has chutzpah by the bucketload" - Fest

For Jonny Woo's All-Star Brexit Cabaret...

"Sooz Kempner is in magnificent voice" - The Scotsman

"Comedy Central-championed Sooz Kempner quickly proves to be the sharpest and most consistently engaging comedic force on the bill" - Ed Fest Magazine

For Sooz On Film...


"...brilliantly's about time she got her big break" - West End Wilma ****

" her on a TV comedy panel soon, with her quick wit it would be perfect casting" - Funny Women ****

" absolute joy!" - Fest Magazine ****

"an honest, personally revealing and more importantly, very funny, show" - Reviews Hub ****

"warm, engaging, poignant...a very talented artist" - The Edinburgh Reporter ****

"showcases Kempner as a comedian and performer who should by all rights be in greater demand" - The Wee Review ****


For A Bit of a Character...

"Just brilliant and one not to be missed" - West End Wilma *****

"delightfully shambolic...put it on your Edinburgh fringe must-see list!" - Funny Women ****

For Character Activist...


"a hilarious romp through four different characters created by Sooz Kempner. The comedy is great, the songs are great (Sooz has an incredible voice) and she engages well with her audience" - West End Wilma ****

"just the right amount of absurd, grotesque and alarmingly familiar... you will be sorry to see each character go but love the next one even more." - Funny Women ****


Reviews left on the official Edinburgh Fringe website:


"Brave, creative and hey, a little bit weird, Sooz Kempner is unafraid and downright hilarious. This show is a mix of intelligent self deprecation and fun character studies, thoroughly entertaining from start to finish." - Laura Kidd, singer-songwriter and comedian


For Defying Gravity...


My full Edinburgh debut received 2 professional reviews but luckily I can include them both because they were kind.


"Clearly a born performer, Kempner is instantly engaging, delightfully quirky and bubbling over with energy...She is very likeable...maybe it was a magic that she creates herself - there’s a definite sheen in her eye – but there was strong feeling that the audience could have got up and formed a chorus line if she’d asked them to. There was a lot of singing from her, but it was very much second fiddle to her manic and frantic stand-up, a brilliantly light-hearted way of forming interludes between distinct segments.

Kempner’s incredibly infectious smile holds the attention for an hour without any lull, building up to a stunning finale where she really shows off her lungs. This is a woman who belongs on a stage." - Chortle ****


"...a highly enjoyable hour of musical comedy, that more than showcases her extraordinary voice and her ‘Wicked’ly devilish sense of humour and places her as a talent in her own right...razor sharp satirical compositions. Spellbinding!" - The Public Reviews ****


These are reviews left on the official Edinburgh Fringe website:


"Partly centering on Sooz's wish to play Elphaba in 'Wicked' (which based on her voice she could do easily!), and partly about the break up of her parents marriage. Lots of fab songs, laughter and some tears mix together to make a great show!" - Gemma Coles


"Absolutely loved this show! Sooz had us laughing from start to finish, very witty and a fantastic singer :) Thoroughly recommend and an act to watch out for!" - Sophie G


"Loved this show and how it combined her vocal talent and her witty observations on trying to make it big and her family's dysfunction. Thanks for a great Fringe experience Sooz, your original approach to live theatre is what it's all about!" - Kelli Sholer


And here are some selected tweets about the show because social media social media social media....


"Just seen @SoozUK's "Defying Gravity" at Fingers Piano Bar! She's smart, witty, and has super lungs." - Joe Louis Robinson, West End MD


"Loved it! Very funny in EVERY font. And you have such an amazing voice" - Ellie Taylor, comedian


"Loved @SoozUK show yesterday. Really funny and fascinating stuff. Go see!" - Luke McQueen, comedian


"Pick of the day! Award-winning & delightfully uncomfortable" - Funny Women


"Literally the funniest woman I have ever met! Go and see her is hysterical!!!" - Leona O'Sullivan, actress

For comedy...


"Quirky style and knock-out voice" - Steve Bennett, Chortle, March 2010

"Stand out performances from...Best Newcomer Sooz Kempner with her fantastically topical celebrity songs" - ThreeWeeks , August 2010

"The voice of an angel but the soul of something much darker...she will have you laughing like a drain." - Red In The Face, September 2010

"Sooz Kempner is back...she has such a mighty, thrilling voice that you feel only awe and gratitude that she has given it to comedy of all things" - Spoonfed, October 2010

"...more than up to the task of closing the night... a talented musician with a voice that impresses in range and power... highly entertaining....jaunty and fun" - Steve Bennett, Chortle, November 2010

"She also has a stunning voice and provides natural, chatty banter inbetween songs." - Lynne Parker, February 2011

"...a lot of fun...charmingly self-deprecating..." - Diva Magazine, March 2012

"A voice like an angel – could Sooz be the female answer to Tim Minchin?" - Funny Women, August 2012


For acting and singing...


"....[her] vocal performance alone is worth buying a ticket to see..." - A Younger Theare, August 2013 (Touched...Like A Virgin at the Edinburgh Festival)


"‘A Contact High’, about a teenager trying to convince her parents that she hadn’t been smoking marijuana was sung brilliantly and with excellent comic timing, by Suzanna Kempner" - The Public Reviews, July 2013 (John Bucchino & Friends at the St James Theatre)


"...the real surprise of the evening is Suzanna Kempner’s re-invention of Katisha...Kempner’s Katisha is a chav monster of epic proportions, free with her fists, heavy on the mascara and terrifying the members of the golf club but delivering the melancholy 'Alone And Yet Alive' with utter conviction." - The Stage, February 2013 (The Mikado at the Tabard Theatre)


"Suzanna Kempner as Katisha who, like the rest of the cast, moves effortlessly and totally between her various chorus roles and her principal, Katisha. Played half as gangsters moll, half as Jeremy Kyle Show guest, she is vicious, deviant, strangely seductive, and totally scary whilst remaining musically fully up there with the rest of the cast. A great character actress in the making." - Plays to See, February 2013 (The Mikado at the Tabard Theatre)


"It’s Suzanna Kempner, however, who completely runs away with the show. Barrelling around the stage like a woman possessed, she is a bunny-boiling Eliza Doolittle with the vocal ability to match her physicality. Her characterisation is so grandiose that it could be too much in the small theatre of The Tabard, yet it never feels over-the-top or unnecessary. I imagine Gilbert & Sullivan has very rarely been performed with such vehement gusto…or in hot pants." - Bargain Theatreland, February 2013 (The Mikado at the Tabard Theatre)


"...memories of Katisha’s entrance (performed spectacularly by Suzanna Kempner)...leaving me chuckling all the way home." - Backstage Pass, February 2013 (The Mikado at the Tabard Theatre)


"...acted beautifully as well as with vocal accuracy and strength..." - Sardines Magazine, August 2011 (Assassins at the Winterflood Theatre)