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Couch to 5k - Week 3

I was rehearsing a musical for kids all week. It’s called Jump To It and I play a schoolgirl who gets trapped inside a computer game. It’s basically all 10-year-old me’s dreams come true. Maybe I’ll get to meet Sonic! This unfortunately has meant that fitting in my dose of Couch to 5k has been trickier and I’ve been running when I get in at 8pm. Here’s a fact for you: you don’t see any other runners at 8pm. That fact would be true if we lived in OPPOSITE LAND! Everyone is out running at 8pm! We all high-fived each other (we didn’t, we made a concerted effort to make zero eye contact).

Week 3

Day 1: The program for the week 3 runs is as follows: after your 5 minute brisk-walk warm-up you run for 90 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, run for 3 minutes, walk for 3 minutes and repeat. When I say “I had to run for 3 whole minutes without stopping!” it sounds like nothing at all but it’s way harder than you’d think. I found this first run of week 3 not bad, it wasn’t impossible and is a few minutes shorter than previous weeks.

Day 2: Well, THIS was a mistake! Ran on a headache. Thought it would blitz the headache and it didn’t! It made it a ton worse and I caught sight of my face in the mirror when I got in and I looked like sad ham. Sad, sad ham. Wait for your headache to lift before you run, kids.

Day 3: Final run of this week wasn’t too bad. With Laura’s help I’m now able to run for 3 minutes at a time like a bloody champ. A slow, sweating champ. In Nike leggings FROM A CHARITY SHOP. That’s right, £2.99! Don’t knock it. Avid readers (all 2 of you) may remember that last week I shuffled past a gang of teenagers who called me fat. Well, on this run I passed a similar gang of teenagers (it may have been the same gang, I’m not sure) and this time it was from behind and I had to do an overtake. Now, they didn’t shout any abuse at me BUT I couldn’t help but notice that they all had phones in their back pockets and the majority of them were the iPhone 6. These kids are half my age but they all have new phones in their cool skinny jeans whereas I’m doddering about in my Age UK leggings with my iPhone 4.

I won’t let those little shits get me down just because they're 15 and doing better than me though….Week 4 awaits!

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