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Periods Aren't Funny, Wimmin!

This subject is well-trodden but twice last week I came across people saying that "female comedians aren't funny coz all they talk about is periods". Both times the people complaining were women.

1) I've been doing comedy for over 6 years and I can recall only 2 occasions where I've heard a period joke from a woman. I've heard plenty of men do gags about wanking incidentally. 2) Why are these women so grossed-out by periods anyway? Even if it was true that all us lady-comedians gab about is menstruation would it really be so terrible. I refer you back to all the wanking jokes I've heard... 3) If you tell someone you're a comedian and they immediately tell you they don't find women funny it's...kind of rude isn't it? I also do musical theatre and if you tell someone that and they say "I hate musicals, all those jazz hands and breaking into song for no reason" it's a bit of conversation killer. If someone told me "I'm an accountant" and I said "ugh, maths, BORING!" I'd seem like quite the prick I'm sure. 4) Women aren't funny? Your female friends aren't funny? Your nights out must be a right barrel of no laughs. 5) I really don't care that you can only list 2 women you've ever found funny. 6) "Female comedian" isn't a genre. Saying you don't find any women funny is a bit like saying "I find all men funny". Really? Even Crippin? Ruh-roh! 7) I'm bored now, guys. And so are you.

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