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Not watching Eastenders? Why not!?

If you haven't been watching Eastenders you've been missing out. Start watching because here's the backstory....

phil mitchell.jpg

Phil and Sharon had a thing back in the 90s but she was married to Phil's brother but there's always been a heat between them. For the past few years Phil has had an on-off thing with Shirley. He's cheated on her a bunch but she's always been there for him, even when he was on crack. She finally ended it with him when Phil's son murdered her best friend but there's always been a heat between them.

Sharon came back to Eastenders after a long break a couple of years back and got with Jack and they were going to get married but she cheated on him with Phil and he was still in love with his ex-wife who was in prison for stealing a baby so he broke things off and she got with Phil properly. She found out that Phil had had her ex-husband Dennis killed but she stayed with him because of the heat between them and then Phil bought her a bar. But to teach her a lesson that she couldn't just run a bar and be cool Phil sent in some heavies to beat her to a pulp. She found out that he was behind the beating and behind his back stole a bunch of money from him. He found out but didn't tell her he knew and started things up with Shirley again HEAT!!!!!!

sharon watts.jpg

Phil told Shirley he was going to call Sharon out on her thieving ways at the altar and then he'd be with Shirley forever. But Sharon had stopped her thieving because she decided she really did want to marry Phil and then yesterday he came clean with Sharon and they decided they really wanted to be married and he told Shirley that he was well soz and then Shirley booked a cab to the registry office and SHE TOOK SHARON'S GUN! (Sharon has a secret gun but Shirley found it).

shirley carter.jpg

Now get on board. Breaking Bad finished and Mad Men isn't back until Spring. This is literally all you have.

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