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I Can't Believe I Can't Sing Is Closing

I Can't Sing - a musical produced by Simon Cowell all about The X Factor. It had to be completely terrible, right? A very good friend was cast in it in her West End debut so I looked forward to seeing it even though I was pretty sure it would be pointless fluff at best. As rehearsals began and I heard about what a funny, off-the-wall affair it was shaping up to be I looked forward to it a little more. I finally saw it in March and laughed throughout. It was a riot with a universally amazing cast, clever songs and one of the funniest sight-gags I've ever seen on stage. At the end of the performance the audience were on their feet.

Even the press, who were champing at the bit to savage it on the lead up to press night, couldn't say much other than, "we're pleasantly surprised, this is really great". But unfortunately late last night it was announced that I Can't Sing was to close after only a couple of months, presumably due to ticket sales not being high enough.

To all those denouncing the show as a flop and a failure - you're wrong. It takes more than an early closure to make something a failure. I saw the show and it was fantastic. Everyone who worked on it should be nothing but proud and I hope the rest of I Can't Sing's short but sweet run plays to packed houses. The show and the team deserve that.

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